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Multimedia Widgets

Multimedia widgets is a collection of Qt widgets that are specifically designed to help the multimedia programmers to easily create multimedia applications. These widgets will accelerate the development of multimedia applications and developers can concentrate on business logic rather than developing UI components.

Download the demo program from the link below to evaluate the widgets and contact us in case you intend to buy the widgets library.

Audio Video Widgets

All the widgets are drawn natively without using any images and hence can be scaled to any dimensions and are optimized to use less system resources.

Please contact us in case you need to purchase this library with source code or need to get the binaries for a different Qt version.

Release Notes

01 Mar, 2017

Initial release with following widgets

- Multimedia control bar
- Volume control
- Knob
- Slider
- Switch
- Resizable frame
- VU Meter
- Analog VU meter
- Pie Chart
- Input level bar
- Guage
- Scale
- Activity indicator
- Auduo video renderer
- Spectrum analyzer



Download Ekomsys server and libraries from the links below. Check out wiki for help and tutorials.