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Multimedia Platform

Ekomsys Multimedia Platform is the product intended for the developers to easily create multimedia application. TV broadcast industry can benefit from this product to quickly create applications to broadcast content. We intend to provide a reliable and efficient SDK making sure that we follow industry standards and integrate latest industry bearkthroughs. 

Multimedia SDK uses COM interface hence can be used from variety of programming languages. A fully functional media player and overlay system can be developed with few lines of code. We also provide sample code which is open source and can be downloaded from github.

Each sub system in multimedia SDK is implemented as a separate process providing the maximum up time for the channel and more reliability. Its easier to run multiple channel from a single machine. We work hard to make sure we use fewer machine resources and efficiently use GPU and CPU to enable running multiple channels from same machine.

Multimedia SDK comes with ready to use designer which can be used to create custom animations. We developed a very flexible animation system and every user from beginner to advance can use to create innovative animations.

All the sub systems use NDI technology to expose the content as a NDI source. It makes it very easy to preview the system and to integrate it with other 3rd party systems.

We are very open to suggestions and feedbacks and always willing to walk extra mile to make your business a success.


Rendering Server

Ekomsys Rendering server is a process that is used as a video and audio mixer and is used to render output to various devices as desired by the user. This module takes audio and video data from sources and mix audio and video from each source and renders to the hardware device or streams to the media server.

Currently it supports rendering to BlackMagic Decklink cards but support to any card can be easily integarted. Rendering server can simultaneously render the output to any number of devices. You can stream content ot media server at same time as rendering to hardware card.

It supports getting input from NDI sources and any number of sources can be used to create the final output of the system. User can render any source at any position of the screen and thus enables to create picture-in-picture or L-shape ads.


CG Server

CG server is the heart of multimedia SDK. It encapsulates the overlay system and can be used to overlay any kind of media like videos, flash, HTML page and images. 

It has the ability to render a full fledged website as an overlay. The webpage can contain embedded videos, flash or any kind of HTML, CG server can render it. It alsso support running javascript as part of the HTML page.

The animation engine support various kind of animation including the custom animations which can be created by the developers using shaders. Its unique ability to give control to end user to create animations using shaders and animate various parameters of shader at run time gives it an edge over any other available product in the market.

The fomrat of animation is very flexible and can be used to create any kind of animations. It also supports events which can be added in the animation file to control the synchronization between the animation and other media played by other systems e.g. The events can be used to switch the track on player once an animation is finished.

CG server is created using a true 3D rendering engine so supports everything including depth, scissors and 3D translations.


Live Server

Ekomsys Live server is a process that can be used to ingest the live streams from hardware cards or from any media server e.g. YouTube. It supports capturing from multiple sources in parallel. It exposes all the live content as a NDI source and can be integrated into rendering server or any other 3rd party mixer.

Live server can be used to chroma key the input and user can replace the key color with either video or image. All this is done on GPU thus ensuring high quality and efficient chroma keying capabilities.

Apart from this user can add a mask image on any input e.g. adding a oval mask so that input is seen through a circle. It also supports recording the live input to the file on disk.

Media Player Server

Player server is a process that can be used to queue and play media files. It supports large number of video codecs and is a gapless player. Developer can configure it to run on any video format and it exposes the video content as a NDI source. 

Player server supports multiple filters including crop, pad, deinterlace and many more which can be used at run time without any pre processing. It also has an ability to compensate for the difference in frame rate and tries to adap to the output format of the player.


CG Designer

CG Designer makes it very easy to create animations that can be played using CG Server. Just like with any design software you can use your mouse to add objects to the scene and control the animation using timeline. 

User can create 3 kinds of projects depending upon the need

Normal Animation Project

This project is used when user knows that the path of the resources being used will not change and he is creating the animations on the same machine as it will be played.

RIF Animation Project

This project makes sure that when you export the animations all the resources used in animation are exported too so that you can copy the animation to another machine and still can play it using server.

Template Animation Project

This project can be used when you need to run same animation for different data sources. While exporting this will create a database file which is used by the server to play same animation using different data.

Release Notes

20 Feb, 2017


- Support to expose all subsystem as NDI sources
- Enhanced the preview framework for all sub systems
- Released source code for demo application
- More user friendly interface library

Player Server

- Bug fixes

Live Server

- Reduced the initialization time for the devices
- Reduced the latency of live sources
- Bug fixes

Rendering Server

- Support to add any NDI source for mixing
- Supported mixing of video frame on GPU

CG Designer

- Bug fixes

01 Nov, 2016

CG Server

- Support for RIF format.
- Support for animation template.
- Support to adjust animation depending upon the display format.
- Added designer to create CG animations.

Player Server

- Support to deinterlace media while playing.

17 Sep, 2014

Player Server

- Support for GPU filters.
- Support for crop filter.
- Deinterlacing support.
- Maintain aspect ratio support.
- Better real time resizing filters

Live Server

- Added state of the art GPU based chroma keying filter.
- Support for playing video from TV tuner card.
- Support for playing youtube url.
- Multi cam support.
- Support to save captured video on disk while playing it online.
- Support for mask image on top of captured video.

CG Server

- Support for mask image on any object including videos.
- Support for video object.
- Support for image sequence object.
- Support for both directx and openGL based rendering.
- Support for shaders for effects.

Rendering Server

- Support for L-shape ad.
- Support archiving the rendered content to disk.
- Support for rendering the output as directshow filter.
- Support for publishing to streaming server.
- Can act as streaming server for clients to connect using RTSP.

06 Jan, 2013

Player Server

- Supports multiple formats of audio and video.
- Works as embedded component and also as a standalone server.

Live Server

- Supports capturing from decklink card.
- Supports playing media from file on disk.

CG Server

- Supports of playing various media types including flash content, video content.
- Supports rendering HTML content.
- Supports creating shapes.

Rendering Server

- Supports rendering content on Blackmagic Decklink cards.
- Supports switching between various inputs.



Download Ekomsys server and libraries from the links below. Check out wiki for help and tutorials.