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Rendering Server

Rendering Server

Ekomsys Rendering server is a process that is used as a video and audio mixer and is used to render output to various devices as desired by the user. This module takes audio and video data from sources and mix audio and video from each source and renders to the hardware device or streams to the media server.

Currently it supports rendering to BlackMagic Decklink cards but support to any card can be easily integarted. Rendering server can simultaneously render the output to any number of devices. You can stream content ot media server at same time as rendering to hardware card.

It supports getting input from NDI sources and any number of sources can be used to create the final output of the system. User can render any source at any position of the screen and thus enables to create picture-in-picture or L-shape ads.


The interface to the rendering server is implement using COM library. It can be used by most of the programming langauges on Windows platform. Sample code is provided as part of the distribution to help the developers write their application using the COM interface.

For rendering HD content following system spec is recommended

Processor: i7 4th Generation and above.

System Memory: 8 GB.

OS: Windows 7 and above


Blackmagic Decklink Card Support

This plugin enabled rendering server to render audio and video on decklink cards.

Media Server Publisher Support

This plugin supports rendering audio and video on all the popular media server e.g. Adobe, Wowza

Disk Writer

This plugin supports writing the output of rendering server to a file on disk. This is very helpful in case user wants to archieve the broadcast information on channel.

Streaming Server

This plugins creates a media server that can stream audio and video using unicast streaming.

Virtual Device

This plugin creates a virtual audio and video device on system and hence the output of rendering server is available as directshow filter.