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Live Server

Live Server

Ekomsys Live server is a process that can be used to ingest the live streams from hardware cards or from any media server e.g. YouTube. It supports capturing from multiple sources in parallel. It exposes all the live content as a NDI source and can be integrated into rendering server or any other 3rd party mixer.

Live server can be used to chroma key the input and user can replace the key color with either video or image. All this is done on GPU thus ensuring high quality and efficient chroma keying capabilities.

Apart from this user can add a mask image on any input e.g. adding a oval mask so that input is seen through a circle. It also supports recording the live input to the file on disk.

Blackmagic Decklink Card Support

This plugin enabled live server to capture audio and video using Decklink cards.

TV Tuner cards

This plugin allows live server to capture audio and video using TV tuner cards

YouTube Player

This plugin parses the youtube url and plays the youtube video directly using live server

The interface to the live server is implement using COM library. It can be used by most of the programming langauges on Windows platform. Sample code is provided as part of the distribution to help the developers write their application using the COM interface.