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CG Server

CG Server

CG server is the heart of multimedia SDK. It encapsulates the overlay system and can be used to overlay any kind of media like videos, flash, HTML page and images. 

It has the ability to render a full fledged website as an overlay. The webpage can contain embedded videos, flash or any kind of HTML, CG server can render it. It alsso support running javascript as part of the HTML page.

The animation engine support various kind of animation including the custom animations which can be created by the developers using shaders. Its unique ability to give control to end user to create animations using shaders and animate various parameters of shader at run time gives it an edge over any other available product in the market.

The fomrat of animation is very flexible and can be used to create any kind of animations. It also supports events which can be added in the animation file to control the synchronization between the animation and other media played by other systems e.g. The events can be used to switch the track on player once an animation is finished.

CG server is created using a true 3D rendering engine so supports everything including depth, scissors and 3D translations.