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We want to make it easy for you to use the software components so anytime you need help please drop us a line and we will help you overcome any technical difficulty. We don't mind going extra mile to make it a good experience for you. You can also contact us through our service desk

Well Documented

Multimedia platform uses API that is well document and comes with the sample programs and source code that are created to help developers build their own applications.

Flexible Design

We strive to keep out software components flexible and covers the vast domain of requirements by various kind of customers. Its designed to be simple yet powerful.

Recent Works

We are continuously improving our existing products and at same time keeping an eye on industry so that we can be the leader when any new technology is introduced in the market. We strive to enrich our customer's experience by adding new features and introducing new software components that can give them a winning edge in the competitive market.

Multimedia Platform is designed keeping in mind the needs of a multimedia application developer. Requirements were collected directly from end customers as well as developers to create a friendly and easy to integrate API.

SDK is designed to use less system resources and whereever possible GPU is used to deliver high performance system. Adequate testing is done to ensure that multimedia applications can deliver 24/7 reliable system.

All the sub systems are developed using state of the art technology. We at Ekomsys believe in using the best options to design the systems and are not afraid to walk extra mile in order to deliver product that can compete in the industry,

Ekomsys welcomes all the feedback and the suggestions to make our products better. We strive to make our product flexible enough so that it meets all the needs. We are open to take suggestions and incorporate any specific needs that your application requires.

Our Clients

Some of our clients that have valuable contribution in multimedia industry.